Fibaro FGS-222 Auto Off Time Weird Behaviour

I hope someone can help.

I have a Fibaro FGS-222 relay to control a towel radiator electric element. I want to switch the radiator off after an hour, so set parameter 4 to 36,000 however the relay does not turn off.

I tested it with a 12 second timer (120) and it worked perfectly, yet when I tried 3 minutes (1800) the relay turns off immediately.

The relay is triggered manually from a momentary push button. Parameter 3 is set to 1 to allow a manual override in case we want to turn the relay off before the timer expires.

Has anyone any ideas what could be causing this weird behaviour?

I appreciate I could turn off auto off on the relay and use a rule to auto turn it off,

What do you mean? That you can not set OFF the auto off?
anyway it would help if you attach the logs for the device (enable debug logging in the device page first) so we can try and see what is causing the OFF command.

If you set Parameter 4 to zero this turns off the auto off function.

I doubt logs in Hubitat will show anything because this happens when the device is triggered by a momentary switch, not from Hubitat.

I never used the device parameter to set OFF and I am not sure what id the advantage of doing that. You already know you can use a rule instead.

The device should at least report back to HE that it turned off,

I opted to ignore the built in auto off functionality and go with Rule Machine. That said, I had to change the device type to Generic z-wave switch and add it to Z-wave Poller app to make sure it got timely status updates from the device to trigger the rule.