Fibaro fgs-212 Single Relay Driver

I’m struggling to find this driver having migrated the device from ST.
The generic a-wave relay works to an extent, but not all features are present. I use the relay as a “bell push” to open a garage door. I’ve configured the auto off setting to 1sec using the z-wave tool. When the device is turned on, it then turns off, however, the off does not get communicated back to HE. If you perform a refresh, the correct value is then displayed.

There do seem to be drivers on here for an fgs-212, but they say its the fibaro dimmer. I’ve checked my model number on the device and it is correct. So think there may be one letter wrong in those posts.

I’m not sure which driver I used in ST, the old IDE seems to have gone, so there seems no way to check it now.