Fibaro FGR-223 blinds control. Working but with log reporting error

Hallo, I have Fibaro FGR-223 controlling my blinds. All is perfectly working, either with push button, via Alexa voice command and with routines. But every time a blind opens/closes, in the log I find messages like these;

What's going wrong?
Thank you for helping

No one?

Can't claim any experience with Alexa or Fibaro, but I expect there is an issue syncing the status of the blind with Alexa. What is App 50? You can open it by clicking the red "Error" in the log entry.

Hi Simon, I agree it must be something related to Alexa,, App50 is Amazon Echo Skill, but what is wrong with it? I am unable to decipher the log message.

Is that a built-in app, i.e. one that Hubitat developed? If so it will be more a question for them I expect, to at least understand what the error may relate to.

Another option could be to try setting up either the Alexa App or the rule again, as long as that would not be too inconvenient. This would only be an attempt to get it working again, and would not really tell us what the issue is / was.

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