Fibaro FGMS-001 Strange illuminance readings

Hello everyone,

I got a couple of Fibaro FGMS-001 (ZW5) sensors installed on my second floor staircase to control the lights. They discovered and paired with 0 issues and the motion and temperature detections works awesome. The problem is illuminance which on both reports between 0 and 19 and 15-19 is only during full on bright day. If this was 1 of the sensors I would think it was defective but when set side by side the constantly report same values.

  • acceleration : inactive
  • battery : 100
  • illuminance : 2
  • motion : inactive
  • pendingChanges : 1
  • tamper : clear
  • temperature : 22.6
  • threeAxis : [x:-6,y:7,z:-2]

By contrast the Aeotec TriSensor I have reports more realistic values 2K, 3K 1K and so on (that is when its not frozen needing a reset which is every 2 days hence why i am looking at alternatives)

Any ideas what might be going on with the Fibaro's? As I understand it they should be compatible with the HE from everything I read before ordering them.

To be fair, if you're intending to monitor exterior light levels anything measuring lux should be pointed outside.
The fibaros generate accurate lux readings.

I have never seen a reading anything like 1k unless the device is pointed outside.
A very well lit work shop might only generate 200 to 300 lux...

@mike.maxwell the Aeotec is in a room with 3 large windows and probably the brightest room in my home. The readings on it on a bright sunny day was as high as 2010 lux. Evening on a clear day gets close to 550-600 lux and at night is @ 10 lux. I have the lights in that room turn on @ 350-400 lux and that seems about right as they turn on about when its to dark to read or play in the room.

The Fibaro are on the stairs and not as bright by any means but still a high of 19 with a regular of 3-7 seems to low to me. They are intended to turn on the lights based on how bright the area is not how bright is outside. Unless i am misunderstanding something 100 lux is the equivalent of a Very dark overcast day which is how I would characterize my stair case during the day. Enough light to walk but not a bright lit area. Hence why I would expect a reading in that area not 3-5 lux.

And this is what i am basing my expectations on: Illuminance - Recommended Light Level

overcast at sunrise, but more like 1k if overcast at full noon.
I actually purchased a meter to measure Lux some time ago as a reality check and to make setting up things easier.
In the end both sensors you own have sufficient range to distinguish full dark through full sunlight, the actual Lux value for your purpose is fairly irrelevant, set it to where you need it.

I've been using an external Lux sensor to manage all interior dimmer lighting levels for the past 5 years.

I started with the original aeon multi (which is junk), then switched to the Fibaro, and now use the Hue external motion.

I don't attempt to measure the levels within a given room, every room or stairway that's within sight of a window gets a dimmer, everything else gets a switch.

Thanks @mike.maxwell. After further review and tests and reading it's really the Aeotec that measurements are completely wrong and all over the place.

Side by side with the Fibaro and a Hue Zigbee sensor the 2 constantly report within 1lux of each other while the Aeotec is 500lux or more over. So the Aeotec is going back to Amazon and I am looking at other options. The Hue indoor seems like a decent cheap and rather fast option so far but we will see.

There will be some additional reporting options for these sensors in platform 2.2.4...

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