Fibaro Double Smart Module (FGS-224) - Issues with 'sticking'

Is anyone else using the Fibaro Double Smart Module FGS-224 and had issues with them sticking on. I've had the same issue with the older Fibaro Double Switch 2 FGS-223.

I seem to get a few months with no problems and then one morning I'll find that my light that should have turned off, has remained on. The Q1 output remains switched to the line voltage terminal even when powered down. I can hear a slight click from the module when switched on/off but the voltage remains present at Q1. Factory resetting has no effect.

I've a similar setup elsewhere in the house (FGS-224 switching a power supply that is connected to 12V LED strip) without issue. The wiring is fine and I wonder whether I'm just unlucky with this one device. All of my dimmer modules, switches etc are Fibaro and I'd rather not use something different but I'm sick of swapping this one out. Any ideas?

This is a known issue with Fibaro modules. I faced it many times when connecting led lights with high watts. Leds tend to have very high inrush currents for a very short period (ms) and the contact is just welded.
A temporary fix is to hit the module with a screwdriver to release the welded contact. It works 100%.
But, if this happens a lot I would suggest the following item - ESB1 inrush current limiter.
I installed it in 2 places in my house about 2 month ago and never had to deal with the sticking modules any more.

I'm surprised to be having issues. The FGS-224 switches 230V to the switch mode 12V PSU. The 12V DC in turn connects to the LED (two 1.5m lengths of external strip so not high wattage). I have the same setup beneath my Kitchen cabinets/Kitchen plinth lights and also I've used the same around the garden and that's worked without issue for a couple of years. I will however try an inrush current limiter.

I've got the inrush limiter on order. After I made the OP, rather than disconnect the module, I temporarily pulled the power lead out of the switch mode PSU to disable the lights. The module has therefore been left switching on/off every night since. I just plugged it back in again this morning to fix it with a whack of a screwdriver and it seems that this switching back and forth without a load connected, has been sufficient to free the stuck contact and it's working normally again (for now). Amazon had already given me a refund and didn't want the faulty module back so that's a bonus!

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