Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 Battery Drain Issue

I have a 14 Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 and only 1 seems to be playing up.
I have factory reset it a few times, I have removed and re-added it.
I have set the config/params as follows

  • resyncAll : false
  • wakeUpInterval : 43200
  • configVal1 : 0
  • configVal2 : 0
  • configVal51 : 10
  • configVal50 : 0
  • pendingRefresh : false
  • configVal31 : 1
  • configVal53 : 0
  • configVal30 : 0
  • configVal52 : 0

And still the battery %, temperature & contact are reported back to Hubitat every 4-5Minutes
This seems to result in a dead battery after about a week.
Is there any zwave command I can send or perform on the device to try result.
Appreciate any help as this device is well out of warranty and they are fairly expensive to just throw one away :frowning:


I would suspect two reasons:
1st - a possible temperature fluctuation more than 1 degree (according to your settings).
2nd - weak z-wave signal. I have a Fibaro TRV that starts to drain battery if z-wave controller goes offline for a significant time period.

Not like they are the only possible options. But rather the options I can think of.

Thanks for the reply: the temperature barely changes in the time it sends 10 messages - in the space of 30 mins:

I will check the radio distance, and maybe repair my zwave mesh.