Fibaro dimmers and rgbw controllers

Hey guys.
I’m new to HA, I purchased my Hubitat a few months ago, not played with it much.

We are have some building work done so at the moment I’m sorting out my wiring etc. If somebody can help me out that would be great

So my plan is downlights controlled via a Fibaro dimmer2 on a 2 gang switch. So one of the switches will control the downlights, and then wire the 2nd switch to activate a scene, and this scene would be to turn on/off the LED strip lights on the perimeter of the coving via a Fibaro rgbw controller. And then be able to control the brightness and colour etc via Alexa or google home.
Does this sound correct???

I’m also planning to have a couple of meters of led strip under the wall units in the kitchen connected to a second rgbw controller, can this be linked with a wireless button such as the smart things button etc and work on the hubitat.

Any clarification would be great.