Fibaro dimmer 2 (first Z wave device)

evening guys.

ive become a little stumped and im probably missing something really simple.

so ive been converting the garage to a home office, lighting is in, neutrals at the switch, push to make switches at either door and the fibaro dimmer is connected and working. by working i mean it turns on and off at the switches and dims at either switch. which is great.

now, i went to look in the instructions for which app etc to begin playing with the lights from my phone, and i couldnt really figure it out (so gave up) and now its much later i thought id jump on the laptop and begin to figure out how to control my lights from hubitat....

im really not sure how i begin!! so i did find erics driver and i attempted to disocver a z wave device, but nothing is showing up.

could someone please point me in the right direction for what im doing wrong :smiley:

I assume that you haven’t joined the switches to the Hubitat Z-Wave mesh yet, so that will be your first step.

First, you will need to find out from the switch instructions how to put it in pairing mode.

Then, go to “Discover devices” from the three dots on the top right of the Hubitat web interface.

From there, select “Z-Wave” and then “Start Z-Wave Inclusion”.

The switch should appear in a box on the bottom of that screen. If you already have the driver for it (or if a built-in driver is available), after you gave it a name, then you can click on the name on top and start using and configuring the device.

God dammit, I knew it was gonna be obvious :joy:

Sound, will give that a whirl tomorrow. As said, this is my first step into zwave as everything I've been playing with so far has been a sonoff wifi relay, and a broadlink

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Thanks for the help.

I'm now all set up and working :joy: clearly 11pm is not my best time for new things. So I now have a dimmer button on my dashboard that is fully dimming and activating my lights.

Am I right to assume that as I progress I'll be able to set up automation that can be dashboard operated with one button or voice activated via Alexa that will be able to set multiple lights to specific brightness and states etc?

Definitely looking forward to getting further down this rabbit hole

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Yes - Many people will setup sensors and use them to trigger automations.

The dashboard can be used to trigger automations in a few ways, one of which would be to setup a virtual button that is the trigger for an automation.

For Alexa, a virtual switch that automatically turns off and is setup to trigger the automation when turned on would be the best approach.

Other options are groups (which allow you to control everything in the group the same way) or Scenes (which allow you to control everything in the scene with individual parameters).