Fibaro Device Firmware updates

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I’ve got a fair number of fibaro switches and relays - I experience a known issue where events misfire - toggle hardware switch or via software and events and occasionally these events are missed. It was a mild irritation that since spending much more time at home has driven me up the wall and I started to actually investigate. A firmware update is supposed to resolve this issue.

Fibaro don’t make their firmware available and updates can only be made via a fibaro HC hub.

Very begrudgingly, I’ve ordered a second hand HC2 at £120 which is the cheapest I could find one for. I intend to do the firmware updates and then the HC2 will be stuck back on eBay for resale.

I wanted to reach out to this community to give first call if anyone is in a similar boat and want a “reasonably” priced HC hub just to do the firmware updates. I’m in the UK..



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In Sweden we have "buyers" right, so we are allowed to buy an item from the shop and turn it back in same condition with no questions asked. So we could abuse this law by buying a HC everytime we want to do an fw update on fibaro, and then turn it back to the shop afterwards.

I think it's sad that they don't let the fw be available. If i knew this from the start i might have bought other devices to no support their way. A lot of other companies have their fw available for their consumers, like HP, ASUS, Intel.... But maybe its just home automation related.

Anyway, is there a possibilty that the community could extract the fw's and then share it? or that is violating something?

Cheers Dawid

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hi @dan-edge, did you find a solution to this? Or did you have to update the firmware with your second-hand HC? And did you have to go through excluding all the devices from the hubitat hub, add them to the fibaro hub, update firmware, exclude them and add them again back to hubitat? I have like 15 fibaro switches or more around the house...

Unfortunately yes, I ended up buying a HC off ebay.. and they are a pain in the a$$ to put in to exclusion mode - I still haven’t done all of them; easiest thing to do is to remove the switch plate and access the device directly to press the button on it.. it did fix the issues though on the ones I’ve done so far..