Fibaro & Aeotec motion sensors stopped working

Please help...I'm on my last warning from the wife.
I have a mixture of Fibaro and Aeotec motion sensors, Aeotec running on power, and over the last few days that have intermittently or permanently stopped working.
This does give a problem as the smart light routines no longer work.
Have checked the log and it appears the sensors are not showing motion. This is happening with 6 sensors so doubt they can all have failed?
I did a z-wave rebuild last week and the problem may have started then. I also have a smartthings hub, could this be interfering?
She is out this evening so I have limited time to fix this . My system is on death row :frowning:

I have 12 Aeon MultiSenor 6's and Zero Fibaro.

11 of my Multisensors are on battery, 1 is USB powered.

I don't experience the problem you are describing.

There's not enough info in your original post to diagnose anything, so I I'm able to offer is what you already know... they should work, for you as well as they work for me.

Checkout this thread, they might be in secure mode, my Fibaro FGMS-001 and Aeotec Trisensors were all in secure mode.

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Also here.

Maybe re-pair?

Like others have mentioned, removing the devices and joining them again is probably your best bet.

That should solve the problem if the z-wave repair caused it and those device join secure by default so they should also perform better once they're re-joined.

Yes, with some help from the guys at Hubitat we are getting things sorted. Excluding and re joining seems to be the solution