FGBS-001 Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor stopped reporting after update

Since the recent HE update my Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor has stopped working / reporting any status changes to the connected inputs.

I'm certain it is the update that has caused this as when i roll it back to the previous version it starts working again, when i update it stops.

Can anyone assist? (keep it simple and the words short as i'm a novice :grin: )


Try this.

To resolve this go into the driver code and change all instances of multichannelv3 to multichannelv4.

This fix is courtesy of @christi999 .

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Just use the built in driver, it supported now so shouldn't break.

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Thanks Peeps, i removed the device and added it again using the onboard drivers and its now working

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What type of inputs do you have ? I have 4 temp probes and when switching to the built-in driver I don´t see my probes and I would rather not remove and re-add it.

i'm just using mine to report the state of some open/closed circuits, nothing fancy.

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Did you clean your device 1st, then when using the built-in driver click configure?

I only changed the driver, but I did hit Configure and waited a few minutes, but as I didn´t have too much time I reverted back to the old driver. Can you tell me what you mean by cleaning the device ? Do you mean excluding and re-include ? I would rather not want to do that due to rules being in use which probably will break.

The current driver works fine, but I was contemplating upgrading to the new version to get the file manager for hubigraphs.

Which driver are you using.
Custom or built in driver.
If custom have you tried changing the code as mentioned in post #2?

I have a custom one, and no, I haven´t updated hubitat yet so haven´t looked into replacing the text. I did a search in the driver and did discover V3, so I am sure it will work.

The driver I am using is the one from Chris Charles and modified by @BorrisTheCat.

The hub is in my holiday home so I won´t be back there until next weekend when I will try to get more time to look into this. I just wanted to check up-front how to approach this.

I don't have one of these devices so cannot comment that it will work but for all the other device drivers it seems to have done the trick.
Make sure you only change the multichannelv3 text and not the multisensor one. Leave that one alone.
Good luck.

Thanks. I'll look into it and post my findings here.

You can use my driver that will wipe the states and remove the child devices.

No, but unfortunately other than removing the device and having to include it again all other things will happen when you clean it. IE it will break your rules as you current child devices will be deleted.

Understood. I might do this at some point, but so far your driver has been working really well and if I can continue to use it with the v3 to v4 text replacement I will be happy :slight_smile:

(something wrong with discourse tonight?)
The issue is the driver is likely to break again each time they make a change, so if the fix works then great but when you get chance, i would go to the built in one as its much better :slight_smile: .

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Thanks, I will look into that in the long term. Seeing as I won´t be excluding the device I might be foolish enough to attempt this change remotely :wink:

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FYI. I didn´t do this remotely, but ended up deleting the child devices with old driver and then switching to the built-in one. Things seem to be working fine and no issues so far and hopefully not in the future.

I did of course have to change my rules to use the new child devices, but that was quite easy as they were not used widely.

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