Few questions from newbie ;)

since yesterday im using hubitat insted of vera.
i have got some questions:

  1. when using door sensor 6 from aeotec i recieve dobule notification when opening and closing doors - why?
  2. i have noticed that alexa do not want to cooperate with thermostats from hubitat, has anybody tried to create virtual thermostat that will always have temperature readed from physical thermostat and added this virtual to alexa?:slight_smile:
  3. Is there any chance to get virtual switch for 3 modes ? Like: "on", "off", "nothing" ?

Welcome to Hubitat!

If I recall correctly, Hubitat's Alexa Skill does not yet support thermostats, physical or virtual. Things change all of the time, so I could have missed this feature being added...

Update: Looks like it is on Hubitat's radar...

Curious...:thinking: What would be the use-case for this? A switch only has two states, on and off. Not sure what a third state of nothing would be used for?

For 3 stare switch I do not need to create few virtual switches , by one I can turn on something or turn off and set nothing automatically after 2 sec.
Now I need for this two switches , one for on , second for off.

What about just a button? One button controller 1 for on 2 for off

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You could code this in groovy or you can do it with rule machine. You would just use two virtual switches and a virtual button. Simple rule. Button 1 sets switch 1 to ON, button 2 sets switch 1 to OFF, button 3 sets switch 2 to ON for 2 seconds, then OFF.
You can either add the ON for 2 seconds in the rule, or you can set it in the virtual switch driver.

Idea is to not create "thousand" of virtual switches :blush:

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Why? I have MANY. I just label them. They don't slow the hub at all.

I like to have as small virtual device as I can , list of devices are getting huge after this

Normally, the switch's state reflects the state of the device it is controlling.

  • If the switch is ON, the device is ON.
  • If the switch is OFF, the device is OFF.
  • It the switch is NOTHING, the device is ????

What is the device's state if the switch is nothing?

Just took a count. I have 103 of them. You can sort by type and you can search for devices in the list. Sorry, just don't see the problem.

@stephack wrote an app that keeps them organized in a specific way if that's what you need, but I've never used it myself and I don't know if it still works with the current build of the hub.

In any case, to answer the OP question - there is no 3 state switch virtual driver today. You could certainly make one technically, though. You can write whatever you want to most attribute or state (they are strings not enums), so could always write normal/unknown/nothing to the switch state I guess.

Nothing means that device which is controlled stays as it is.

@SmartHomePrimer This isn't really that uncommon.

The traditional switch in HE is a state monitoring switch (that also happens to support ON/OFF commands).

What @krzyskonieczny15 wants is a command switch, with no state monitoring. That doesn't exist today, to my knowledge, but I can't think of why it isn't technically doable.

However... I would think most people would do that type of functionality with BUTTONS not a switch, though... Probably why a 3 state command switch virtual driver has never been made - it is pretty much redundant with a button device, so what's the point?

So when the switch indicates a state of nothing, the device's state is its current state which is either on or off.

So by indicating nothing, the switch now fails to tell you the device's actual current state.

How is this better than allowing the switch to indicate if the device is currently on or off?


What I'm trying to understand is the use-case of a 3-state switch whose states are:

  1. ON
  2. OFF

I can tell you why I need this, try to explain :blush:my English is not very good as you can see :wink:
So i wish to control via Alexa thermostats , so now I have two virtual switches, one turns heaters on another turn off.
If three states virtual switch will be I would use one virtual switch ,I will be able to turn on again heaters when somebody in mean time has changed temperature to lower .

But the point is to have one 3state virtual switch instead two on/off

I'm not questioning his motives. He wants a switch with three states. Fine, I'm in total agreement with writing one or putting together a simple rule with two virtual switches. You don't even need the rule in fact. Just label the switches.

Personally I don't have a problem with having many virtual switches, because as you point out, it's just a state in the hub. Some like private boolean, but since the start of the hub I think I've seen a problem with virtual switches once, and I've seen bugs related to private boolean many times.

Here's what I suggest: Let's forget about this 3-state switch. Let's focus on what you are trying to control (because that's what led you to believe it requires a 3-state switch). Tell us more about this heater you wish to control.

I don't either. I would just use 2 switches (actually I would more likely use 1 virtual button device for temporary state commands) before I made a new 3 state virtual device.

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Are you aware that the Alexa Skill SDK does not support triggering Alexa Routines via switch devices? The only way Hubitat can trigger an Alexa Routine is via a Contact Sensor or Motion Sensor. Just want to make sure that constraint is clear.

Maybe I am not understanding your strategy/technique when you say " i wish to control via Alexa thermostats"? Can you please explain this a little more?