Few outstanding feature questions


@cbachle I just fully switch from Smartthings literally 4 days ago and I couldn't be happier. Things are much more responsive when I use them.

I use openvpn built into my router, but have used it on a Linux server before. It's easy to setup and run. That is how I access the admin side of my hub. Then I use the cloud dashboard to get to my stuff if I need to turn things off. I'm indifferent on the app side.

You can have it send you a text based on time. Only down side is you are limited to 10 a day. Someone menchend pushover already witch I just started to play with.

I also have a raspberry pi running a web server and using the hubitat http request. The http request sends info to a php page and uses my Gmail to text me alerts as well. If it sounds like something you would like let me know and I can strip out my info and send it to you.


I created a simple Node REST email app if anyone is interested..

It uses "sendmail" on the PI (or other Linux computer).

You basically create a virtual device and set it to a specific recipient. One device per recipient OR using a specially formatted text line multiple recipients.

It's still kind of crude but it works. Am working on some new stuff in conjunction with the DoNS server.. Also plan on moving it over to the Community Hubitat Repo one of these days,.