Fellow Canadians - Need some device procurement help

I am going to be moving in a few weeks and planning to completely redo my setup in stages over a month or two.

Having a hard time finding affordable smart led light bulbs (preferably color changing). I see plenty on amazon with brands I've never seen before like Le Wifi etc, but looking for hubitat compatible and reliable.

Any recommendations for ones you currently use that are not philips hue?

Myself I bought a bunch of Ecosmart with Colour Temperature from Home Depot when they were on sale. Very reliable.
I read that Ikea’s Tradfri are very affordable and reliable, but no colour.
No suggestions for full RGB colour though.

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I don’t have a bunch of bulbs and use in wall zwave switches for most things and zigbee plug ins for most lamps.

But I do have a few. I have gone with Sengled. HE has built in drivers and these bulbs do not act as zigbee repeaters - a plus if/when you power them off and they don’t screw up your mesh by being offline. This does not apply to me. Canadian tire sells them but I purchased from amazon.

A two pack is $60 but right now they have a $6 coupon. And sometimes this two pack goes on sale for $30.

Sengled Smart Light Bulb, LED Light Bulb That Works with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, RGB Color Changing Bulb, A19 E26 Light Bulbs, Dimmable Multicolor 60W Equivalent, 800LM, Hub Required, 2 Pack. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0899LJHVV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_VCC6RZ6TZSNJB5T9R9B6

Thanks for the suggestion! Will def keep an eye on it now.

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Sengled bulbs! Amazon, Bestbuys, Canadian tires nd I saw them at Lowes.

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I really wish there was a zwave solution for this.. I have absolutely no zigbee mesh at all, and a very strong zwave.

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We need to set up a support group on here. Browsing the posts, seeing our American friends talking about sensor this and relay that.... only to look it up on amazon.ca (like amazon for 3rd world countries) only to see 'not available'


Inovelli bulbs are nice (at least the RGB ones cause I haven't bought the CT bulbs), I have a few in outdoor fixtures and have been working flawlessly in -24°C weather in Quebec.

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Already exists in the Lounge area, we have our own VIP room in there.

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Only two worth buying that I’ve seen are Sengled Zigbee (surprisingly decent color for the price) and Hue. Sengled you can add some mains powered repeaters and join them directly to your hub. For Hue, get the Hue bridge and use the Hue integration.


Same, I have a pretty strong z-wave network, especially since I have the z-wave shades as well.

Not sure how I missed that lol

I agree. I'd buy the inovellis in an instant, assuming you can ever find them.. :wink:

Depends on how many Inovelli bulbs you would add. You might instantly regret that choice. If you have a Model C-7 hub, the 700 series Z-Wave chip doesn’t allow them to join with S0 security. :nauseated_face:


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I need 2, and only 2.. Everywhere else I am able to put in a wall switch. I would assume that you can still join with no security. That's what I did with my inovelli red switches.

Sorry, was not aware of this since I have the C-5, if I add a 3rd hub in the future, I'll make sure to keep them on the C-5. Thanks for the info!

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I did not know this ... or possible I just forgot. Lol

According to the comments on other threads, including @bcopeland - the sdk of the 700 series chip does not give you the security pop up selection when joining a device that has S0 as the highest level of supported security.

Meaning if the inovelli bulbs only support S0 then they will join the C7 with S0 security and you will not get the option to select no security.

A work around is to use a secondary controller and join with no security, but I have not tried this and don’t have any devices (except my be469nz that is now gone) that this applies to.

Edit. I am surprised that anyone can fit a 900mhz antenna in a bulb.

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Should be ok with two. Problems were reported from owners with large numbers of Inovelli bulbs.

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