Feit smart plugs...any solution for HE integration

Hey all, been using Hubitat for some time now, I have a C-5 Hub currently with a number of devices and apps. I seem to have picked up about 6 of those Feit smart plugs from Costco over time, and they work great via the Feit app, but I want to integrate and control them from Hubitat.

I can't seem to find much when searching for integrations. Is there no integration or drivers for these smart plugs? Am I missing something there, and does anyone have a solution? Thanks all for the assist.

Isn't FEIT smart plug just a rebranded Tuya WiFi device?
Can you control it via Tuya Smart Life mobile app?

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Yep, I grabbed a spare outlet and loaded the Tuya mobile app and it picked it up. I've found a few threads on the integration, but to be honest, I don't spend that much time in Hubitat to really follow along. This seems to be a Wi-Fi outlet so it seems a bit different than the Zigbee/Z-Wave.

Found and installed the Tuya driver from BirdsLikeWires (via HPM)...from here what are the next steps? I'm missing something...a little nudge in the right direction would be helpful and appreciated, thank you!

As this is a WiFi device, any Zigbee drivers will not work with it... You can try the [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support) integration, however, it may be difficult to setup.

It may be easier to use a Virtual switch in Hubitat, linked to your Alexa or HomeKit account and control the plugs using automation rules in these platforms.


I too have Feit smart plugs from Costco. Over the last few weeks, I have tried to use Hubitat virtual devices to control my holiday lights on Feit smart plugs (5), as well as some Feit smart color bulbs (3) from Costco through Alexa. It works but is not consistent and not reliable. It seems like every other day a different smart plug or smart bulb has not been either turned on or off. I feel Alexa is to blame for these problems. Would be really nice to have a Feit integration in Hubitat.

@holand.ivar do you happen to have a Tuya local plug driver?

@fritz look here :

They are Tuya based Wifi devices, which pushes all integrations to use the cloud services. There is already a community driven Tuya cloud integration that works for a lot of devices. There is no documented local API, just bits and pieces of hacked together stuff people have figured out. There are some example local drivers that people have put together.

Don't buy un-supported cloud Wifi devices and then expect them to easily work with HE.


Understood. But at less than $5 each to run holiday lights a short time each year, they were just too hard to pass up.