Feit Indoor Smart Wifi Plugs- Hubitat Support?

I bought these outlets from Costco yesterday and wondering if they had any support on HE. I read about flashing to a custom firm ware, but I have no idea how to even start that process.


If they are not, is there anyway I can have them do automated functions with Alexa via Hubitat?


If you can't flash them, you can always look at setting them in Alexa and controlling them with virtual switches in HE.

Yeah thats what I'm thinking is the best solution.

@thebearmay could you please elaborate in more detail about how to use virtual switches to control devices setup via Alexa?

I just migrated from a ST (2018) hub to HE this week so I am not yet aware of all of the tricks and tips to get non-traditional devices to work with HE.


In general you create a virtual switch that is also has contact or motion capabilities (several examples around), add the switch to the Alexa Echo Skill app and then create 4 Alexa routines:

  1. If vSwitch turns on turn on Alexa Switch
  2. if vSwitch turns off turn off Alexa Switch
  3. if Alexa Switch turns on turn on vSwitch
  4. if Alexa Switch turns off turn off vSwitch