[FEEDBACK] Thoughts on Easy Dashboard customization

I do like the EZ dashboard a lot so far and I imagine I will use it most of the time. That said, it's young and lacking some really obvious and useful customization features. I know the staff is still trying to figure out where to draw that line-- one of y'all said that plainly in another thread.

FWIW I would be A-OK if there was a split where you had to use the legacy dashboard to do fancy HTML tricks and the EZ dash only allowed form-driven changes.

Anyway here are some things that came to mind today while using the new system.

Here's a multisensor tile with the reading at default.


  • I find the word "temperature" to be redundant with the units and I wish I could hide it.
    • But when it is a percent, it's kind of nice to prepend the label... Is it humidity? Battery?
  • I want to change the type settings for the title and the reading separately. For me, the temperature being in smaller, dimmer type than the name of the tile is backwards. For me, the default layout is harder to read than it has to be.

Here's a multisensor tile with humidity picked in the "show" menu.


  • I would really like to be able to add text after the reading, so I can add units. This is humidity, so it should be shown as a percent, right? If I picked temperature, it too would be a bare number with no units. Adding the right units makes a group of tiles easier to read.
  • Add up the text size and units feedback, and I'd like something more like this (but with the reading even bigger).

(wrong icon, you get the idea)

Other appearance customization thoughts

  • I'd really like to change the color or background image for a tile.
  • It would be nice, but not as important, to change the tile outline color and width.
  • It would be nice, but not as important, to change the overall dashboard background color/image.

Feature creep!

  • I would really like a way to create a tile that has just text or an image in it, so I can label groups of other tiles.
  • As one of my interests is temperature monitoring I would LOVE it if a tile could show a chart with a history of a reading. Even just the last 12-24 hours.
  • Similarly, being able to configure tile colors for ranges would be great... Even if it was just 3 brackets for "normal," "attention." "DANGER!"
  • And if we are doing that, maybe it makes sense to hook up notifications, too? If my freezer is too warm it would be nice to configure that warning in one place... the EZ Dashboard... Instead of multiple places.

Thanks for listening! Looking forward to whatever happens.