Feedback on thermostats

I am working on the next version of HVAC Zoning and Ventilation Control. As part of that effort, I would like to provide information about what thermostats are suitable. I have tested a few myself, but I don't have the budget to purchase samples of each type for testing. If you have a thermostat connected to Hubitat (whether by ZWave, Zigbee, Cloud service, etc.), I would appreciate information on its performance. The metrics of particular relevance for this application are:

  • How quickly and reliably are operating state changes (heat call, cooling call, fan call, idle) communicated to Hubitat?

  • How quickly and reliably are temperature changes communicated to Hubitat?

The models I have tested so far are pretty disappointing. They seem to be good about sending information from Hubitat to the thermostat but not very good at sending information the other way.

Note: At least one of the thermostats I have tested reports state changes that are triggered by setpoint changes promptly, but doesn't report stat changes that are triggered by temperature changes promptly. Both are important for proper functioning of the zoning control.