Feedback on ROOMS Feature in 2.3.6.x

It looks like the chefs have been in the kitchen cooking up new enhancements for ROOMS, so I figured it's time for some tasting notes:

  1. KUDOS to whoever added the (new?) "Devices with No Room" catchall at the bottom of the page. Was this there all along and I just missed it? (Asking, because I'm OCD about assigning every device a Room, yet was surprised to discover 3 under that heading this morning.)

  2. The RESIZE handle (vertical line between Label (Name) and Disable columns) vanishes after I enlarge the Label column, making it impossible to adjust its width any further.
    Note: Running Chrome (latest) in Windows 10 Home

  3. Would LOVE if the column headers could remain in view (fixed, visible) while scrolling down list of Room names, so that it's clear(er, to me) what they represent.


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