Feedback on new UI Log & Event improvements

Hubitat, C-7. The improved filtering in logs, and details in device events are awesome, thanks for adding this functionality! A couple of things would make these even more useful:

  • For device events one of the most important items is the date/time of the event. After the updates this is off to the right-hand side of the event table and is not always visible without sideways scrolling. Please consider moving the date/time left, either to the first column or to one of the first few columns so it is always visible.

  • The log filter display elements have vertical alignment issues (see screenshot below). This is Windows-10 with Firefox.

  • The new log filtering/selection is awesome. This seems to make the old "field of device names" selector below it mostly redundant. Please consider removing this as it requires extra scrolling to get to the log lines.



We tried this, but you lose useful context in many cases, for example other related things going on, and the relative order of events.


@bravenel just curious, what useful functionality or context is lost ? Its a huge list of text that is hard to find anything in, and for anyone with more than a few devices just fills up the page. It used to filter the log lines, but that has been replaced by the much better filters so I wonder what the word list provides. Thanks.

Still does.

Not completely redundant. As I said above, awareness of other things going on besides that which is being currently filtered for, and the relationship in time of those things.

How is this a problem?

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How is anyone being forced? That's the part of your statement that confuses me.

You do realize that the logs indicate "cause & effect", right? Removing that context is disruptive and the end-user loses useful information.

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By "forcing" I mean there is no way to get to the log lines without scrolling past the long lists of devices and apps. For me thats over two screens of listing that provide no value due to its size.

Perhaps a middle ground would be to restrict the device/app list to only those in the filter, or a full list if there are no filters. For those who do not use the filter,s they get the full list and the context mentioned above; for those who use the filters only relevant devices/apps are shown.

Have you considered turning off logging for many or most of these? I can't imagine a need for two pages full of device/apps all logging.


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