Feedback on my Z-Wave and Zigbee Network

Had some offlien time on a plane and thought I would draw a map of where my zigbee and z-wave devices are in my house and see if the community had any suggestions.

Everything is working well at the moment other than my Schlage be649 locks sometimes don't report a change in status. I bought a lot of smart things multi-purpose sensors when they were on sale for $20 recently and put them all throughout the house. I was actually surprised that all of them worked throughout the house as I only have a couple of zigbee repeaters for my Hampton Bay Wink Fan Controllers.

Just thought I would see if there was anything the community saw in my layout that could be improved, thanks!

Nothing looks egregiously bad (e.g., 32 Zigbee devices with no repeaters or Z-Wave locks with no repeaters), but it's hard to give specifics without knowing the distance, wall composition, etc.--and without being a network engineer as most people here are not (what I've heard from most people who are is that DIY installs rarely have enough repeaters). So instead, I might suggest the following documents if you haven't seen them:

...specifically, the "Tips for Designing your Zigbee/Z-Wave Mesh" section at the bottom, though the whole document is good. Some devices, at least some Z-Wave ones I've seen, also include "cheat sheets" you can use to estimate signal strength from the hub or closest repeater to your end device based on some of the above criteria, but without RF vision, those are only estimates.

If you haven't noticed any problems--especially with your locks--you're probably good with what you have. For Zigbee, it certainly never hurts to add more repeaters, but it looks like you have three on two different floors spaced out, and that's apparently enough for your current setup. One other thing you might consider is looking at the Zigbee logs and seeing if anything is a particularly bad RSSI, which some people might consider anything below about -80 to the theoretical minimum of -100. (Your Hampton Bay Fan Controllers might be there--replacing their antenna or making sure the existing one is securely seated can help, but that's why you see people recommend having repeaters very close.) If you do, adding a repeater closer to that device may help.

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