Feedback on Chromecast device

Some feedback on my experience with the Chromecast (beta) integration.

If my Internet goes down and my hub's IP address changes (my stupid router and ISP don't seem to allow a fixed IP address) then the Chromecast gets disconnected from the hub. That's kinda understandable although it would be nice if it auto reconnected somehow? So, I go into the app and rerun discovery. It finds it and I close out successfully. However the device still doesn't work. So I go into the device and initialise it. Try to change volume etc. No update. But if I send a message from within the device page, then it miraculously starts to work, the volume responds to commands from the device page etc.

Seems like it would be good if the device could auto reconnect if the hub IP changes? Is that feasible? Also seems like the app discovery should fix this without me having to go into the device page and fiddle with things to make it work?

Sorry if stupid feedback. I'm still a relative newbie. Anyway, hope the feedback may help.

It sounds like your pushing a network problem onto the Hub.
Your HA experience will be as bad as the network it’s running on and NOT being able to reserve IP addresses using a devices MAC or setting Static IP’s is not good.
I’d try to resolve that issue first otherwise it’ll continue to cause problems and complicate your life.


This is being worked on for all lan devices, so yes it is feasible, we are working through some issues with it, but it is feasable.

That will be awesome. Thanks for the reply.

Again this morning, Chromecast is not responding. Required a rediscovery in the app in order for it to work again. This time it disconnected without any router reboot or IP issue.