Feedback on Beta RM Rule Cloning

I love the new RM rule cloning feature, a great time-saver. I also love the way you are prompted for replacing devices that have been used in the rule being cloned. Two things I noticed that are not covered by this replacement feature are:

  • Actions that cancel timed actions in other RM rules
  • Actions that activate scenes per mode

Are there plans to prompt the user for replacing these rules and scenes as well? The use case I am working on is a collection of 4-5 lighting rules per room and wanting to apply the same logic across each, so I am cloning the same set of rules for each room and renaming and replacing.

If I could make one other feature request, it would be nice to clone a group of rules and do this replacement once across the group.


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I also noticed that set private boolean for 'this rule' does not get updated. It shows the name of the parent instead of the clone 'this rule'.

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I don't know about the second thing, but...

It has been stated that the intended behavior (because it happens to work this way and they want to document it as such, not because it was necessarily designed this way) is that cloned rules point to the "original" rule and not the new cloned one when you have actions that point to "This Rule." I wouldn't count on that changing, from what I've read.

Here's one discussion on this; I know there are others I can't find at the moment (including one where I pointed out to Bruce that this is indeed what was happening :slight_smile: ):


So an option to map a rule like you can with Devices would serve both purposes? Those where the reference was to "This Rule" (the cloned rule) or where the reference was to a separate rule to the one being cloned.

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At the very least maybe when cloning a rule it checks to see if there are references to other rules and displays a disclaimer that the rule will need to be edited. I don't know if this is possible but it would be nice.

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