[FEEDBACK] Misc Easy Dashboard issues

Chrome 124.0.6367.209 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10

Just a list of random observations.

  • Sometimes, when creating a copy of a tile (via the gear icon/checkbox), the copy will be placed in the upper left of the dashboard, covering the tile that is already there.
  • If you have changed the size of a tile, when editing its settings, its size may revert to the dashboard default. (I think this happens when changing the "show" menu option.) This sucks because it can force a cascade of placement changes.
  • The dashboard will occasionally go entirely blank for a moment and re-draw itself.
    • This can happen while editing tile settings, in which case it forcibly closes the dialog and you lose your changes.
    • This can happen while a tile is being moved, which forces it back to its starting point.
  • Often, when dragging a tile, the tile will snap back to where it was instead of dropping into the highlighted spot.
  • Sometimes, when trying to resize a tile, it ends up moving instead of changing size even if you were definitely clicking the right corner.
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