[FEEDBACK] Easy Dashboard tile "default attribute," once changed, cannot be set back to no selection

My test case here is a temp/RH sensor. (The device is actually provided by a custom driver.)

By default the new dashboard wisely picks MultiSensor. "Shows" by default has no selection but you can see that it has defaulted to temperature display in the tile, which is fine.

Now, if I change "shows" to Temperature and save, the tile shows the temperature... But sadly no unit marking.

But here is the actual problem: there is no way to restore this tile to its default state. "Shows" will ALWAYS have a selection once a selection is saved.

It seems like the "shows" menu should have an option like "Default" that returns the tile to its default state.

As it is now, to restore the display of the tile to the original, I have to delete and re-add the device.


Next build.