[FEEDBACK] Easy Dashboard feature request and feedback

If it reports only level, you should be able to add it as dimmer. If it says it implements the window shade capability but doesn't populate the correct attributes, that is likely to be a problem. Without seeing the driver or at least "Current States" from the device, it's hard to say more.

Yeap wrong color .. should be red. when unlocked and green when locked!

and these .. should be green when closed and red open

Was hoping hey would fix it in 147 but no such luck!


Old dashboard see my device as Window Shade
New dashboard like this
When I click on it

Device state

Your driver needs to be fixed to report the "position" attribute per the "WindowShade" capability requirements (or the capability needs to be removed and you can use it like a dimmer as you are on legacy Dashboard).

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New stuff in 150 is nice ..
However the new helper tiles are weird .. text is not centered ?
I would guess most would want it centered.


Also when adding new tiles to current dash board still adding them
in the left side slot ( 2 or 3 ) and it screws up the current dash lay out.

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I can confirm the same issue on latest .150 beta.

Door sensor icons show open when closed and appear to have no colors.

Also, garage controller tile icon seems to have no colors and is opposite of how the one on door lock looks. Closed should be green and to the right. Also, are the icons on the top left of said tiles supposed to indicate device state such as open/closed or locked/unlocked?


Hi @bobbyD
Are you actively following this feedback topic or would you rather we raise issues in new topics for each issue we find.
I'm just wondering as people as supplying some good feedback here.


Yes, I am :wink:


This is a debate that would have split arguments. Left alignment is likely preferred by many. The only way to get around it is to offer alignment option, but I don't think that would happen very soon. I added the request to the enhancements list nonetheless. As always, thanks for your feedback.

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Another tile inconsistency.

Lock tile status text on left of icon and lower case. Light tile status text on right of icon and first letter is capitalized.


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