[FEEDBACK] Allow users to select attributes

@bobbyD The legacy dashboard allowed you to choose which device attribute to display in the tile. The easy dashboards don't allow that. Would it be possible to build that feature in to the easy dashboards, accessible from a tile's settings? I have a few devices that need to display a particular attribute, which makes them not compatible with the easy dashboards.

Edit: Additionally, it would be good if we had a way to specify which attribute a device should display by default in the easy dashboard in the driver's metadata section.

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You can pop tile details while editing dashboard and select the attribute there. That feature is limited to sensor tiles, lights, switches, and outlets, though.

Yes, I saw that. I'm talking about the ability to select a custom attribute on any device, like we can do in the legacy dashboard.

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I noticed this too. This device (thermostat) is unsuported so maybe this observation is of no value due to that fact, but I noticed that some attributes appear in the actual tile, other standard options appear in the list and yet other existing attributes are missing and not shown or selectable. I would also advocate for a solution where all existing attributes are selectable, if possible.

(I posted here as this is a similar attributes related observation for your convinience. Let me know if I should move it)