I have 2 things which I will like to have.

  1. I like to play a lot with devices, drivers .. so from time to time I need to remove devices. Rules which depend on them can become invalid. For me will be nice if rules with missing devices will be marked as invalid, like [(Predicate false), And also best will be when try to open rule to have the feature from clone, import to choose the missing device. This will also help if you reset z-wave to add new devices without broking the rules.
  2. Also if is possible to add some grouping to rule. I have a lot of them and right now I prefix them with numbers to keep them sorted grouped - like "05-LivingRoom-OnBYMovement" If I will be able to group them by Living Room it will be easy for me to manage them


With request 1, on the device edit page you can see what is using a device at the bottom of the page. You should review this list and adjust any apps / rules listed there before removing the device.

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Just to add to this, if you try to delete a device you do get a warning if that device is in use by a rule.


Across the platform, not just Rule Machine, you need to handle this before you remove a device. Replace the device with a placeholder virtual device. There is no other way to protect apps from device removal. The app's don't have any way of knowing that a device is being, or has been removed. Look at the In Use By section on the device page before removing the device, and deal with all of those apps.


Agree, I am doing it(adapt rules before remove). I add a virtual device, clone the rules with the virtual device when is used in more then one place, ..... I hoped an easy way to just ask which device to use instead of delete one. It happened that my router was stuck I needed to reset z-wave to make it running. The 7 devices with some thermostats complicated rules was not easy to recover. Some broke actions could not be removed or edited, so redo the rule was hard. Now I have exported the rules so I can reimport if something goes wrong. Is not a big deal just I thought will be a bit easier.