Feature request

Recently I learned about a 'hidden' feature I hadn't noticed - the ability to 'disable' an app:

This came in very handy... I submit it would be useful to 'disable' devices in the same manner. Generally speaking, I have things, bulbs, switches etc that I remove that are going to be used elsewhere or I don't want to reconnect at this moment. Or I may want certain devices to not respond to commands for testing, etc.

Currently, I have a single device that can not be identified in the normal ways but keeps showing up, without any interaction on my part. it was suggested this is some previously paired device or something. Regardless, I delete it. It comes back a few hours later. In case it is a neighbors device getting into my network, it would be nice to 'stop' that device from any actions.


You can.


ARGH! I had missed that before on the Apps page, the greyed out X. I just assumed it was in the Collapse /expand... TY!


I don't use zwave. it's all turned off completely!!!

Zigbee ghost lol - they're only available in the latest FW :crazy_face:

Apologies I just returned home from the pub.....

Edit: If I drink anymore I'm gonna look like that last emoji


Didnt know that existed for either maybe i should read a manual :thinking: who knows what else i could find :thinking:

There's a manual too?! :astonished: :flushed: :pleading_face: :face_holding_back_tears:

I'll ask my wife if theres one as i wouldnt know :crazy_face: