[FEATURE REQUEST] - Virtual Button Number Names

I am setting up a couple of Virtual Button devices where I have two buttons on each device, representing commands being sent to different systems, one being device commands on my Logitech Harmony setup, the other sending commands to Event Ghost via the PC Controller App / driver. For each device I have RM rules that are triggered by the different buttons and send the right command, in both cases button 1 triggers an On command and button 2 an Off command.

When I use these in an App such as Room Lighting, all that I see is that button 1 or 2 is being pressed in certain situations. My idea was to allow for names to be associated with each button, e.g. button 1 could be labelled "On" and button 2 "Off". That way, when they are displayed in RL or RM, for example, there is a little more meaning and information provided, rather than needing to remember how they were configured in the rules they trigger.

I am only expecting these names or labels for the buttons to be just that, labels. I would still intend for the background configuration data in Apps, calls to various commands on the virtual device and the virtual device itself to still reference the buttons by their number. It would only be places where the button numbers are currently displayed, including selecting the button to press when creating or updating a rule, that the mapping between the numbers and their label could be looked up and used to represent the button to the user. The mapping between numbers and names could potentially be recorded in a map in the data for the virtual device. Changes to display of these would not need to be done across the board straight away, some key areas like Room Lighting and RM could be tackled first... I'm guessing a command would need to be added to the driver to facilitate updating the label for a button number...

Just a thought...

Oh, and I know I could have potentially used a switch for my examples above, but I did not need to record a state, I was happy to just use a button and send the command regardless.

And I also know that I could use individual button devices to achieve this outcome. I feel it is nice to keep them together on a single, logical device, like a remote of sorts....


+1 on this enhancement request

In fact, I've long been considering a multi-switch virtual driver that would effectively offer the very same modification (along with custom delay auto-off, etc.). My reasoning behind that is pretty much the same as @sburke781's... compactness and ease of troubleshooting.

But having it implemented for Buttons at the OS level would be seriously useful.


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