Feature Request: use lock manager for pins on dashboard

As a User it would be nice to allow access to dashboards via auth from lockmanager. This would allow for virtual remote (arm/disarm/unlock) for example to be given to a cleaning service only one day a week between certain hours.

What is it you’re requesting? You can control virtual switches via Dashboard, so you can do that for them if that’s what you want.

restricting with pin from lock manager instead of one pin in dashboard tile.

link in invalid for me.

Oops. Coming soon to a Dashboard near you.

Actually I think it’s available now, you just have to have actual physical keypad which I don’t have. I think there’s a virtual keypad code floating around here somewhere

This just became available too. Might help

I have been trying physical keyboards for a couple of months. My wife finds them confusing and syncing two of them is flaky right now let alone being insync with dashboard and main interface. I'm looking to do nanomote fobs for family. and a virtual remote for cleaner, relatives etc. It sounds like this is a feature COMING SOON to dashboards near me!! so I will wait and see. I can just change pin for the time being in the tile when needed.

@patrick can comment more on what’s needed. Double whammy is I do things different. No keypad, no Dashboard in my setup. Although the latter will evolve soon.

Not sure where anyone got the impression this is coming soon. It is a good idea to link the keypad usage to dashboard and manage codes in LCM. For now, it's in the idea stage. Lots of missing pieces that would have to be in place for this to work.

Just spit-balling an idea here, but do you have smart locks? I'm guessing yes based upon the usage of Lock Manager (but, I could be wrong). If that's the case, why not create a rule to disarm after a certain lock code is used and then lock again when the door locks again? Granted, this is an over simplified idea and would need some fleshing out, but it might work in the absence of a HE provided dashboard solution.

well at least it is being thought about. The staff and community support rocks and features are happening. I appreciate that HE listens to the community and implements the features that make sense. I get it takes time at there are priorities. Like getting IRIS customers what they need to grow the customer base.