Feature Request: Use local variables in Notify command

Have verified that the Notify command can insert the value of any type of Global Variable in the message. However, Local Variable values are interpreted as null in the message.
I'd rather not create a set of Global Variables just to be able to show the values. Already have an extensive list of GV's.

This should work, and I am not able to replicate the problem (or feature request) you describe. The following rule works fine for me when the action is run:

Screenshot of rule

This includes the actual text sent to the notification device:

If you are seeing something else, I suggest providing a screenshot (or text) of your complete rule plus any logs that demonstrate the problem.

You absolutely CAN use local variables. The only difference is that local variables don't populate until the rule is TRIGGERED by an actual trigger event. Simply running the rule actions will leave most local variables unpopulated, or will only show the last triggered event values. You may get "null" messages or incomplete results if testing by running the rule manually.


The problem was with number and decimal variables. I had to use Global Variables, Local Variables would always show null even with the proper value.

I am still not able to replicate this problem with a number variable. Here is my rule and logs showing the correct behavior:

Rule with number variable in notification

If this is not what you are seeing, then: