Feature Request (Usability): Visual indicator of broken logic

I tried to recreate the scenario which I believe results in a rule not running at all with no warnings until we dig into the rule a couple levels, in this case Double Operators. If we could see this a higher level as we do with the red **Broken Condition** scenario that would be excellent and more consistent with the other warnings.

Highlighted the example:

Still no indication here:

Once we get this deep we see an indicator at the bottom (would still like to see it inline with the code like the other warnings so it's more obvious):

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When going to the main Rule Machine screen, there is a “Find Broken Rules” button. I wonder if it would highlight these types of errors?

Good thought. Just checked and the answer is no. Even if this was a way to find "broken rules" (not sure what that even means actually) it's still not really helpful in real time when navigating within and managing rules themselves.

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That’s unfortunate.

I’ll tag @bravenel in case this is something that he would consider adding.

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