Feature Request (Usability): Visual indicator of broken logic

I tried to recreate the scenario which I believe results in a rule not running at all with no warnings until we dig into the rule a couple levels, in this case Double Operators. If we could see this a higher level as we do with the red **Broken Condition** scenario that would be excellent and more consistent with the other warnings.

Highlighted the example:

Still no indication here:

Once we get this deep we see an indicator at the bottom (would still like to see it inline with the code like the other warnings so it's more obvious):

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When going to the main Rule Machine screen, there is a “Find Broken Rules” button. I wonder if it would highlight these types of errors?

Good thought. Just checked and the answer is no. Even if this was a way to find "broken rules" (not sure what that even means actually) it's still not really helpful in real time when navigating within and managing rules themselves.

That’s unfortunate.

I’ll tag @bravenel in case this is something that he would consider adding.

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