Feature Request - TTS Device Group

Here in the northeast, the winds of late have caused power outages. The power outages have caused my Sonos speaker to be unresponsive in Hubitat for TTS (I use the Sonos Speaker and an array of Google Home devices for Hubitat rule announcements). The only fix for the unresponsive Sonos speaker is to redo discovery - that created a new device with the same name as the existing one. The new device works, but I need to reconfigure all the dashboards and rules associated with the old device - painful. For the rules - if there were a group construct for TTS devices, I could avoid a lot of retyping! Unclear why the Sonos app is doing this - I'm new to it. The Google Chromecast devices are no picnic either - so embedding a TTS group in the rules would help a lot.


It likely changed ip. Try this. Note it's current IP. Set an DHCP reservation in your router for it. Delete the device that the new discovery made. Go into the existing sonos device, there should be a space in there for IP... Put the now static IP in there and reboot the hub. See if that works.

Thanks - I did just that after the second time it hung thinking that could be the problem.
Still could use the TTS group - I am fond of verbal feedback, and the rule editing is a drag.

Appreciate the response.

Did the DHCP reservation after the second hang, but don't see anywhere to add that as a static IP in the device config or sonos app - guidance appreciated.

Don't suppose you know the previous ip do you? I thought there was a space in the sonos device itself to put an ip

If there is a place, I can't find it.
Thanks again for the quick response.

The DeviceID is a HEX representation of the IP address. You can google a IP Address to HEX converter (IP to Hex Converter - Convert IP to Hexadecimal - Online - Browserling Web Developer Tools) and figure out what your Device ID should be and edit that in the device.

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Thanks Matthew - with that info looking at the device Network ID I should have seen that but didn't.
Appreciate the info!

If Hubitat is listening, would still welcome a group construct for TTS devices...