Feature request trigger events

Currently there is an option on the schedule to do, for example every other month.

Could this be extended to the weekly schedual option ie to be able to schedule every 2 weeks

Just thinking bi weekly reboot of the hub to keep things running smoothly

There is not a direct way to do this with the scheduler. You could create a rule that triggers weekly, and flip Private Boolean each time, using it to decide whether or not to run the rule.

Or you can make it run on two specific dates each month, using a cron string like this:

"0 0 0 1,15 * ?"

You can use that in Periodic schedule in RM.

No problem I have it set for monthly, which as i don't seem to have any issues is ok for me.

Just went to do it every other week, didn't see option then did it monthly and saw it was available there.

Edit can basic r or simple a do http gets yet?

As a plan 'B' you could use the Google Calendar Search app, [RELEASE] Google Calendar Search, and leverage Google's calendar tools to setup whatever schedule you need. I use it currently with a biweekly event that alters some of my automations.

Not bad idea I might give it a play.

What 'changes' do you use if for?

To increase my WHF (Wife Happiness Factor) we have a cleaner come in every 2 weeks. I don't want them to touch any of our automated blackout blinds so I created a 'cleaning day' calendar event and I have the the Google Calendar app set a virtual switch that overrides my daily blind opening position to go full 100% and get them out of the way. Usually I just keep them ~40% open.

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