FEATURE REQUEST: Toggle ► Randomize action in RM5

As we have discussed previously, there are use cases for RANDOM() values in a variable, such as for timing random Away lights, setting light levels, etc.. However, I argue that we also need an Action in RM to permit setting one or more devices randomly On / Off.

I therefore propose the introduction of a RANDOMIZE? ◄○► slider to go with the existing TOGGLE action in RM. When set, this would cause one or more, say, switches or bulbs to toggle into random states.

NOTE: Yes, webCoRE currently offers this very function, but most users would prefer sticking with Rule Machine for their automations, IMHO.

I'm sure this new feature would have direct application with "Deus Ex Machina"-style lighting, to give your house the illusion of being occupied. But certainly its utility is not limited solely to that scenario.

My suggestion would avoid having to create a new Local Variable for each target device and setting up this kinda stuff in RM:

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