Feature Request: Swap Apps Device

First up, this feature is excellent, I’ve found it super useful when replacing failed devices, especially with Zigbee which doesn’t have the Z-wave replace device feature.

The one thing I would like to see added is some sort of “clean replace” option for swapping different device types.

Eg say I have a lamp and I decide to replace the zwave smart socket with a colour LIFX bulb. The swap will work but I’ll get some issues. As a result we better off doing this process manually (which is a pain).

I’m not a DBA, but I’m guessing part of the swap device function is to swap the database UID?

It’d be great if there was an option to blow away all the device specific states and configurations before the swap so then you can go into the “new” device and not see all the left overs from the old device?


You can do this after the fact by temporarily changing the driver to "Device" (followed by Save Device). Then you have the option to clear out Current State, after which you can swap the driver back to the correct one.


Cheers, I’ll try that.

PS, it would still be nice to have it automated.

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Is there any way to access this “driver” On a device that hasn’t been swapped?

It’s got some really nice features that would be useful for me when testing new features on the 2 community drivers I help maintain.

You can use this on any device; just choose "Device" as the driver under the "Type" drop-down on the device detail page like you do for any driver any time, same as you'd do for the suggestion above.

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That's odd, I tried that before making my post and could only see it on a couple of devices I had previously swapped - now I see it on all. Must be PEBKAC. :man_facepalming:

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This "Driver" doesn't seem to always be available, for some reason Im not sure of. I noticed this while working on an update to the WU Driver and needed to clear states etc.

Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 10.09.05 am

You try Dev(ice) instead of Driv(er) in your search?


lol, I got confused - it is indeed "Device", not driver. :man_facepalming:

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How about and option (or secondary query) to delete the old device entry? This would be especially useful if it would also avoid the hub exclusion mode.

Using this tool to replace the hub migration process (ie edit DNI process) is helpful but one of the most time consuming steps is removing the old z-wave entry. It currently waits for hub to attempt a hub exclusion and has to time out and then the user must request a "force remove". This mostly works but I had a problem once where in the middle of one of these removes a family member switched a light while hub was in exclusion mode and that switch was then erroneously removed.

Long story omitted, but if you have to rebuild your zwave devices having a process that helps you move though a long list of devices is quite useful. So thanks for adding this Swap App tool and adding one more step to help with cleanup would be great!

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Literally just learned this swap function existed. looking forward to using it :slight_smile:

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Suggestion: As part of the swap rename the label on the old device. Something like adding "(swapped)" to end of device label.

Need something to keep track of devices swapped when working on a list of devices. Avoid swapping devices more than once (not sure what would happen) and helps generate a list of devices to remove.

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This would be handy, I’ve been manually naming them “old” and “New” before the swap and then renaming them both again after.

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