Feature Request Sonos Integration


Mike, any chance we could get the feature Chromecast UniQ (TTS queuing) built into the Sonos drivers too? It would be super nice to have simultaneous messages not "step" on each other.

@djgutheinz Dave came up with a nice "user" app/driver to handle this but I'm sure it would be a benefit to have it built-in to the driver for those of us that try to avoid user app/drivers where possible.


Thanks in advance!

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yeah, that's been on the back of mind to implement.


I've got a virtual beer or two available to help move it to the "front" :wink:

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I'm trying to clean up the chromecasts first...


I understand, but since Sonos cost more they should have priority? LOL

Thanks for considering this feature enhancement, as I mentioned the user app/driver is working for me, but I'm guessing integrating it into the driver would have numerous benefits and make things a lot more "user-friendly" for NOOBs.

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