Feature request: Select what version to upgrade to

I have been sitting on this for some time, probably close to 2 years now. I would love it if I would be able to upgrade HE to another version than just the latest released version.

I typically refrain from upgrading to the latest version until at least a month has passed by from when it was first released. However, by waiting that long, I have run in to the issue that another new version has been released, so then I'll have to wait for another month before upgrading since I cannot chose to upgrade to the earlier version. I typically keep all my hubs on the same version, but I have been caught out here as well where one or two hubs have been upgraded but before I upgraded the last hubs a new version was released, so I was stuck on different versions between the hubs.

For example, let's say I'm on HE version 2.2.5 and 2.2.6 has been released. Before I get around to upgrading to 2.2.6, 2.2.7 is released. My only option now is to upgrade to 2.2.7.
Would it be possible to be able to chose from, say, the last 2 or 3 versions in the upgrade screen? Make only the latest build of those version available to be selected from.


No. We recommend that you always update to the latest version, not an earlier version. There are bug fixes in each release. We could not in good conscience keep older versions available for download knowing full well that there are unresolved bugs in those releases and possibly security issues as well.

2.2.5 was released on January 25, it's final hot fix release came out February 5. (11 days)
2.2.6 on March 23; final hot fix April 9. (16 days)
2.2.7 on May 4; final hot fix May 13. (9 days)
2.2.8 on July 15; final hot fix on August 3. (19 days)

The interval was always much longer than 30 days, and you can see that there is no advantage to waiting 30 days. 2.2.8 took longer than most as it was a large release, but still less than 3 weeks.


Cool. I got that off my chest at least. :wink:

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