Feature Request - Rule Grouping

It seems from several issues I've had that often it's better to have large rules broken into smaller ones. It would be great if we could nest rules together. It would work in the same way as you have at the moment for hiding/revealing rule machine rules as a whole.

For instance if I have a number of RM rules that are all for outside lights, they could be grouped under one heading and all the associated rules would be revealed indented when the icon was clicked.

This would be solely for organisational purposes to avoid a long, long list of rules organised alphabetically. The only reason I try to avoid splitting rules is that long list...

Grouping them could prompt for a title for the group, or there could be an option to make one of the rules the primary one (for display), or simply the first in the list could be the one that displays.


Couldn’t you do that by correspondingly name each rule?

Outside Light - Evening
Outside Light - Security
Outside Light - Party

Or simply by numbering them; 01A Outside Light - Evening, 01B Outside Light - Security, 01C Outside Light - Party, …


You could but when you expand Rule Machine you’ve still potentially got a long list that could be a lot tidier and it would be easier to find what you want at a glance. Just my opinion

How about installing multiple Rule Machine parent apps, giving each instance a distinctive name. All of the child apps (rules) under each RM would relate to your intended class of devices.

I've never tried installing RM more than once, but know it's possible to do with many other apps.

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Not possible.

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FYI, the way rule categorization is managed under Reactor (Multi-Hub) is as shown in this screenshot. The user can define unlimited "Rulesets", and move (or copy) existing rules freely among them.

These rulesets are normally listed alphabetically, but can also be dragged-and-dropped into any order. Names can include symbols even at the beginning. Within each ruleset, the list of contained rules can be dragged-and-dropped into any order, or alphabetized on command (button shown at upper right corner).

Just offering this up in case such a layout could be accommodated on the HE.

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Another vote that this would be a great addition. I currently name my rules so they are grouped together but as stated, the list can be very long so being able to actually group these rules together would be great! Most systems I work on have this same basic type of functionality.


You just reminded me, something I forgot to mention in my earlier reply, that Reactor auto-collapses its main menu section (left side of the screenshot, above). Thus, after clicking out of "Rulesets" to a different app - like "Entities" or "Tools" - the list of rulesets collapses, freeing up tons of space.

I know we can currently collapse / expand individual Apps in the UI, but a third option called "Auto Expand/Collapse" could serve well those users who have lots of apps installed, switching among them frequently, or have lots of child devices beneath each one.