Feature Request - Rule Grouping (organisational only)

My list of rules is becoming unruly - I have about 40 at the moment and that will be nearer 50 by the end of the day. I've messed around prepending rule names with various words/letters to try and keep them organised but it always ends up a mess or I can't be bothered opening each rule to rename it when my OCD forces a change of naming schema.

Request - It would be so much simpler if we could create grouping for RM rules. No function at all - just the ability to create a rule group e.g 'My Lighting Rules' or 'My big fat rule that I split into multiple smaller rules'. For simplicity, a rule could only be in one group and it would be much like "Rooms" were when they first appeared. Options to expand all/collapse all as Rooms has. Tagging @gopher.ny


Im using this hint for rules and devices as well. I do use emoji to start the rules names with.
:bulb: for rules related to lights logic
:lock: for security rules
:fire: for heating rules

This way, all rules related to lights are grouped together and same are the devices. Its much easier to find them based on those emojis.


OK, I guess everybody else "liking" this post knew exactly where to get those emojis.

To help other ASCII fossils that pre-date the common use of emoji as characters, I'll be the old guy re-stating common knowledge.

On a Windows 10 PC -
and type the term you are searching for.
That's a Windows button and a period together.

:thermometer: Temperature Monitoring - Beer Cooler

Indeed a very helpful idea to organize rules.

On a Mac there is an emoji and symbols viewer you can add to the menu bar by modifying your keyboard input settings.

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I've wanted this for a while and currently do the Unicode symbols in the title thing. But recently I have also thought having group variables would be a great addition, so you can break up larger rules and not pollute hub variables.

Or just use Function-e to bring it up.

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Good ideas but the list is just as long and needs a lot of scrolling to find what you’re looking for.

Rule groups are the answer!


Such a great idea I never thought of doing this.

I would like this too..

I started the starting with LIVING: or BEDROOM: etc.. but i would rather it be more tree like.

hope this is something that can be done pretty easy.. it would be nice in all apps giving that ability.

I have been going though all of mine and renaming it. I don;t like the emoji's cause they are distracting.. but i would like to compress the groups with the double arrows like the apps can be compressed.


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