Feature request: RM notes section


Has a notes section been considered? Lots of times I’m not sure why I did X or why a certain rule was created individually vs. being in a group of actions. Being able to add notes (more than a descriptive title) would be nice especially if having to recreate rules in going from 3 to 4.


A "Comment" Action, with an editable text field, would do it.


That would be very useful.



That looks good


Related Feature Request: Said notes displayed as a third column (?), or maybe on hover (but please, not a title attribute haha) on the Apps page when you hover over the Rule

tl;dr have the notes displayed on the Apps page where you see the list of rules you've got

Since you're using DataTables as your Table library, slap a row render onto the row definition to give you a boatload more functionality on drawing of the row.

Grabbed a sample from some code I had on hand - I'm also using Handlebars in this example (Jinja style templating via JS), but you get the idea. Pass the cell/row data to the render, then you can generate HTML on the fly outside of just something basic. Maybe you're already doing this, if so, please ignore :smiley:

Edit: DataTables.row.render docs here


Only issue I see with this is depending on how long your notes/comments are.


Looks good to me.


Easily solved by a couple CSS properties to truncate excessively long text