Feature Request - Resume Light Effects - Zooz RGBW

A request for the Zooz RGBW Dimmer driver... It supports light effects, and my family really loves the Fades & Storm provided. However, if it is turned off it does not resume those light effects if they had been active, instead it just goes back to the last colors at the time. So the request is:
A way to reactivate light effects at power on if they were active when powered off.

I am not sure if the device DIRECTLY supports that (I assume not) but I would think it is easy enough to implement in the driver (and I would just mod it if the driver was available). At the easiest I would say it only requires one new state Variable to retain the light effects setting.

When the driver gets an "On" command, if the "state.LightEffectsVariable" is anything other than 0 (Disabled) it should send the light effect command after the on command.