Feature request: Rename tile on Dashboard

I would like to request the ability to rename tiles in Dashboards, or remove the device name (with either a boolean switch or blanking the title field).

I am aware that this is possible by manually editing CSS code, but that seems like a very complex step to do something really simple. For me it's very rare that the device name itself is a good tile name.

Perhaps others can pitch in?


Only that it would it be nice....

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...and that this might be the 14th time someone asked for that feature since Dashboards got released LOL


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But there has been a lot of other features released in that time... :slight_smile:

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Yet another solid reason HE needs to establish a Mantis bug- and feature request-tracking system, so we can all +1 on things that affect us, and find/offer solutions. I really think the Forum is weaksauce for those things, as all the best input gets lost in the mix.


Personally I can appreciate the benefits of the Community in curating popularity for requests, but I think discussion about that should be reserved for a separate thread, if it warrants further discussion.

I think many (most) would agree with @SplatMan 's request, so would not want to side track that with a broader issue.


Agreed. But if Hubitat staff intend for this (Forum) to be the de facto space for requesting/discussing/accepting feature requests, their moderators need to begin merging identical topics much more aggressively, so that users like @SplatMan gain maximal leverage with their posting.

Instead, I rarely see topics get merged around here, even if they are nearly carbon copies of each other.

The way I think it generally works is that they see the request and if it fits in with what they are doing, it can be implemented. If they feel that it doesn't make sense, a lot times they will say so. A lot of times it's just not feasible in the current platform. People want something which they feel should be simple, and it can be when you're starting from scratch, but implementation into an existing code base is rarely easy.


If you wonder how Hubitat develops new features, here is a diagram:


So have all my letters been in vain.... :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully the popularity of threads such as the Noobs CSS thread and others will provide some weight to more specific requests like this


Hubitat staff has stated many times in the past that they are aware of the limitations of the current dashboards, and the UI in general. And that changes are somewhere on their list of things to do.

Looking at the situation from the outside in, I suspect that none of the current staff are really designers, and would rather hire someone more qualified to do this redesign. But maybe the right person hasn't been found to join the team yet.


It could be (a lot) worse. The suits back at ezlo ("ezlo" means "sinking ship" in Hungarian, I believe) used to pump us all for our "Feature Wish List" every week or so. We fell for it the first few times. Two years later, they're probably still asking. But all the power users got booted out of their Forum, so it's just cricket song these days. :slight_smile:

The combination of staff that are so engaged in the Community and the strong Community group is very much an asset to the HE platform.


Those are definitely what brought me here. And I had the distinct advantage of knowing most of the major devs on multiple platforms, all of whom agreed that Hubitat was the future.

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Devs talking to devs... makes it a blackhole nearly by definition. HE would do well to put a product manager online to track and placate us. While everyone loves bravenel, he's the ultimate techie and doesn't really fit my idea of a relatable person about feedback items. Don't get me wrong, he's brilliant as the sun. But I've repeatedly stumbled on past discussion items just like Rename Tile the OP brought up (or the gui, or the dashboard functionality, or the ...)

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1000% agree! Even the folks back at Vera had a fellow (well, three of them back in the day) who ran herd between "us" and "them" and it was beautiful. He took pains to set expectations – especially around major announcements like firmware updates – so that users didn't blow up; at the same time, he'd curate Forum content and steer those needing tech support to the appropriate resources.

He knew the wiki, he knew the staff, he was a user (not a dev) but understood what devs were asking for, and made sure "we knew that they knew that we knew" what was being delivered vs. what had been promised. He rarely said "No" but always had a good reason for doing so. And that reason was never, "Not a good use of our time."

The very day many of us left that old Forum, I noticed that he, too, went radio silent. Moral: As goes your management of customer relations, so goes your company.

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I appreciate the support and attention. :slight_smile:

I think the problem could be solved a lot easier by simply using uservoice.com like a lot of major software companies do. It's not perfect, but it works well enough that it's mostly better than any half-baked DIY solution.

I don't know what the price is. That's for Hubitat to evaluate. :slight_smile:


I think this would be an awesome idea, albeit I have to say, that most websites have implemented the possibility to integrate surveys. If the HE-Staff did the same, I think it would simplify their work, too.


Looks like they are listening @Vincent_The_Staat :slight_smile:

With all the "Best of" surveys, maybe we need a survey in the new year on "What's Next...?", like "What Dashboard updates are most important?"...


BTW, if I could add a similar request to have the ability in the options screen to turn tile titles on/off, that would also be appreciated....

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