Feature Request: Reboot trigger

It would be useful if there were a trigger that fires when the hub finishes booting up. Last weekend I had a power failure that lasted longer than my UPS. A reboot trigger would be useful to initialize states and turn off those pesky on at 100% bulbs.

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Think it's called "system startup" it's found in the location part of RM.

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I never would have looked under location. Thanks.

Bulbs turn on when your hub reboots?

Most smart bulbs turn on after power is restored to them. The OP mentioned a power outage was the source of the issues that followed.

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Ahh ok, I use switches instead of bulbs since the builder went nuts with recessed lighting in the house.

I just remembered, we do have TP-Link Kasa wifi color changing bulbs in the girls rooms but we also have a zwave switch in there. We use the switch to turn them on and off so we don't have lights coming on in the middle of the night when they're sleeping. Any rules to change the color we turn on the switch first incase it's set to off.

Some of my smart bulbs are also connected to smart switches so those didn’t come on but that still leaves a lot of lights that Do come on when power is restored. Not really a big deal but something that would be nice to handle.

Thankfully power is pretty reliable here so when we did have an issue it got me thinking.

Each room has about 8 lights so it was more cost effective for me to just do the switches except for the kids rooms where they wanted the rgb.

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Except switches don’t color change. :wink:

I change the color temp during the day/night and use accent color or whole scenes sometimes.

Not a great photo but you get the idea.