Feature request: Read-only view of RM rules

Request: A read-only view of the status of a rule -- this would display the rule as it appears in the app, but with no ability to edit/remove the rule.

Rationale: A well-designed interface allows the user to view the status of an object without immediately being able to change/delete the object. RM as it is now is fragile -- it's too easy to accidentally corrupt a rule (ie. pressing "Apps" or "Back" while viewing a rule). A read-only view would also make it easier for less-technical members of the household to see the status of a rule while lowering the chance they would make an accidental change.

Interface: A rule could be added to a dashboard. Clicking on the rule's tile would display the read-only view of the rule. Optionally, the tile could display a timestamp for when the rule was last triggered and a color to indicate if the rule was active (ie., running, with a delayed action).


I could see this view built into an export functionality as well or leveraging an export functionality to do the display.