Feature Request - put systemStart in logs

I know that systemStart events are already logged in System Events > Hub Events. It would be nice if a one-line entry was put into the "Current logs" / "Past logs", even identical to the line that appears in Hub Events. For that matter, it would be nice if a one-line entry was put into Hub Events for shutdown, and also in Past logs.

By scrolling through the Past logs, I can infer when these events happened because, for example, the Lutron telnet connection gets re-established, etc., on startup. But it would be nice if a simple entry were to be put in the logs.

Obviously, this is low priority and not a necessity. Thanks in advance.

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It would be nice to see a completely merged log of both system events, location events, and the regular logs. This would be in addition to the others, or somehow filtered to one or the other like you can currently do.

So you could see the whole inclusion process of Zwave in one spot. Like you mention, the system startup. And even sunset/sunrise with the corresponding rule and/or device acting upon sunrise/sunset.

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A device driver with a log entry at intialize will do that for you.

Not really. A device driver with a log entry at initialize will only log if the device driver's initialize() routine is called. That could either result in a hundred log messages or more if you have a lot of those devices, or none if the initialize routine never gets called (perhaps a problem in the systemStart, or the device is paused, etc.). Having the systemStart itself be logged is something different than having a device driver report that its initialize() routine has been called.

But it's low priority.

rule machine knows system start.. just write a rule to log an entry.. i already have a system start rule to start polling etc on some devices..


Probably, but I could see consolidating this into the logs menu cleaning things up a bit with the interface, look at the newest version of the logs with the "tabs" for current, past, device stats, app stats. They could just move the system events and location events to tabs here, and just let us filter out what we want or not.

Agreed. I have a similar system start Rule Machine rule to refresh() all of the Ring Extenders, because power return events (power source switch from battery to mains) are lost while the Hub is shutdown or rebooting after a power fail event. But, again, having that rule log a systemStart is not the same as having the system log the event in the logs in addition to logging it in the Hub Events log - the Rule could be broken (oh, we've never seen a firmware update break rules, have we?) or the Rule could be paused.

Again, the only "real" way to log a systemStart in the logs is to have the system do it. Every time.

Even though it's low priority, @gopher.ny has so much free time on his hands to make the change ... :grinning:

It will be in the .128 update tomorrow morning knowing him.



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You could create a virtual device to do whatever you want, include the capability initialize, add a method initialize, then do what you want inside that method.
Initialize is run at system start for any driver that includes that capability.


This is from a virtual device driver that takes a snapshot of the hub information at systemStart, as you can see the snapshot was taken (and a message placed in the log) 114ms after the hub was restarted

PNG image

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