Feature Request Prioritization

I see a lot of feature requests, including some from me, in the forums. I was curious how feature requests are prioritized? via what we all say in this forum? Just curious if something like UserVoice would let the community vote on a list of features so the dev team has an idea of what people want the most vs features that may not be highly desired by the masses. I know I've posted a feature or two that I think is important but the rest of the customer base may see it as very low priority. Just curious.

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The only issue I have with something like this is that if it shows the most requested feature, then people will be pushing this to get done asap.
Personally, I prefer stability and bug fixes over new features

Just my 2p worth



Of course we all have our own opinion on this :slight_smile:

Personally I feel the Hubitat team is well in tune with the folks on the forum. And they have a pretty good grasp on what folks want. Just look at their presence. I have NEVER seen such responsive product support in my life. Also what I find refreshing is the honesty they convey in their responses :smiley:

More importantly I feel they are truly trying hard to make this platform the best there is. I trust their judgement on what features / changes / etc to make. I also realize that some changes take more resources than others. I'm sure the balance is always a compromise.

Just my 2Ā¢ worth.



Totally agree with this.

But, and not trying to be a jerk about it :wink:, they have been strangely quiet about the Alexa support. I am still dealing with HAF regarding this: "I USED to be able to set the thermostat temperature using Alexa" (had a Vera system before), so it's getting to be concerning. Some kind of update would be wonderful, even if not great news!

Reading your previous post I doubt anyone could call you a jerk :slight_smile:

I suggest you just ask, either in a forum post or support.

I also came from a VeraPlus and before that X-10. I've never regretted either move (X-10 to Vera and Vera to Hubitat).

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One never knows how they come across...but thanks!

I have asked a few times about thermostat support in Alexa, and other people have asked about Alexa updates in general, and nothing but silence. It's not typical to what I've seen with Hubitat. I will see if anything comes up in the next few days and then try a separate post asking specifically what is going on with Alexa support.

Good to see another VeraPlus user here! I had some X-10 a long time ago, then SmartThings (left when they quit supporting Windows Phone but hated the cloud before that), then VeraPlus (terrible zigbee support). Hubitat has been a great cross between SmartThings and VeraPlus IMHO.

If you happen to have a pi setup on your network there is way this can be done now with node-red and RM.

I too would like to hear an update about the road-map for enhancements to the Hubitat Alexa Skill.

Thermostat support would be nice, however my Nest Thermostats already have native Alexa integration, so that's not too high on my wish list.

I would like to see added support for the contact and motion sensors that Amazon released a month ago. This would allow me to have Alexa 'speak' canned phrases in response to certain events.


I am just the opposite...not thinking of a good use case for contact and motion sensors, but I have a "dumb smart" thermostat so Alexa integration has to come through Hubitat. Or a home-grown solution such as the pi/node-red/RM above (though I do not have a pi).

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I don't have any TTS Speakers currently, but I do have a house full of Amazon Echos, Dots, and Spots. So, I could create a set of virtual contact sensors and tie each one of them to a phrase that I want Alexa to Speak when certain events occur... Like, "Water detected at kitchen sink water sensor!", or "Dan has arrived at home!", etc...

I completely understand.

Hopefully, the Hubitat Engineering will find some time to enhance the Alexa Skill for both of these features!

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At least you guys have an Alexa skill!
In the UK we only have the old app (luckily I still have an old ST box for Alexa control


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You have more confidence in HA systems that I do. I personally would not have a system where the HA had unlimited authority over the thermostat.

I have some Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats and one of their best features is being able to limit the upper heat temperature to a fixed number. Its now at 76Ā°F max.

I haven't figured out how to stop the HA from turning off the heat altogether but I only accept this (for now) because I have one zone that has a non smart thermostat so the HA cannot turn off the heat completely. My A/C Thermostat is also not "smart"

I tend to agree with @JohnRob (pretending that yet another opinion will sway :slight_smile: )

I have multiple parallel systems as my total Home Automation "system". I have a single programmable switch that is entirely independent of everything but AC power. No matter what (except a full loss of power,) will keep those lights from going on or off. version X.y.z of whatever automation system I'm using won't affect it. :slight_smile:

My garden sprinkler system is 100% independent. I have written a driver for it, but the API is so "set and forget" oriented, it's not a useful addition. I can turn the valves on and off and for set lengths of time but really, I have that already without the need for a driver. It truly is set-and-forget. Once a day it fetches the daily schedule, BUT if the cloud is down, it just repeats "yesterday's".

I also have a fully independent Thermostat, also Honeywell WiFi and also with a driver, but there's really only ONE thing I'd ever want to "fix" and that's flipping from cool to heat and back as the seasons change. Right now, I have to push the button twice a year... hard to invest in automation when it takes longer to type "heat to cold" than it does to push the button.

I'm in the middle of building a Pool Controller and it too will be independent, operating a lot like the sprinkler system in that it repeats "yesterday" if there's no update. I am making ONE concession to Hubitat for the pool: The water level sensor is a float valve attached to a ZWave Contact Sensor. It's state is sent to the independent pool controller and that one will determine how long to open a valve.

The logic for this is related to how little the Pool Controller has to do. It does something like 6 things per day. Pump on, hours later, pump off. Plenty of time to be exactly accurate on how long the pool fill valve is open. I entirely trust Hubitat to open the valve, not a lot for closing. ZWave does lose commands now and again and I can't afford to miss turning off that valve.

We are down a resource in this area. We've been prioritized on more pressing things, which isn't to say that Alexa is not pressing or important. It hasn't fallen off the list...


Iā€™m curious about your sprinkler system your using?



It's coupled to LawnCheck:


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Thank you @bravenel for the update! I will pass on to the hubby so maybe he will leave me alone for a little while :wink:.

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I wrote the scheduling app for the thermostat, so I have faith in it! :smiley:

Plus we can control it at the panel if need be.

I bet you could set up rules that could override people doing things you don't want with the thermostat.


My family ignore all the tech. They ignore the thermostat, they ignore the light switches, they ignore anything automated. The wife may never transition out of that phase. The kids, yea, I can imagine them becoming curious, but it's low probability.

And that has always been my intent :slight_smile: That the Home Automation be so invisible they don't need to interact.

I get yelled at anytime the Internet is not well. Is there a zigbee gizmo for that? :smiley: