Feature request: more prominent indication when an app is disabled

Feature request: On the "installedapp/list" page, enable a more prominent indication when an app is disabled, such as "(Disabled)" in red, following the app name. This would be consistent with the indication in RM on the same page when a rule is "(Paused)" or in Thermostat Scheduler when a unit is on "Hold".

The small "X" in the upper-right corner of the screen to control if an app is disabled or not is a poor interface -- (1) visually it appears to be greyed out, giving the impression that it is an inactive element, (2) there is no hover-over info about the meaning of that control element, and (3) the "x" might mean "delete" as applied to an app or the entire app list, causing users to hesitate clicking on the element even if they find it.

Even if none of the issues with the "X" were addressed, clearly indicating which apps are currently disabled would be a big improvement.

When you disable an app there is a red tick in the disable column.

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