[FEATURE REQUEST] Mirror device status to speakers (Volume controll)

Hey there,

I have a little request for future updates: The Mirror-App is really great, but especially when looking at Googles Whopsidasy regarding speaker group control, it would be really great, if the mirror app could be used to control the speaker volume.

Yeah, I know: Come join the dark side and get an Alexa. So much more versatile etc. :wink:
Maybe later down the road. Right now, I'm really not willing to replace 6 speakers. Also, I still hope, that Google gets its stuff done and adds up with Amazon.

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@Vincent_The_Staat Hope they're all actual google speakers. Most of mine are either Vizio or LG chromecast speakers. They're about to lose all chromecast ability because of Sonos winning their lawsuit and Google having to change their API. Chromecast will have to be on 1.52.272222 or higher to play anymore.

What style/era devices will this mainly impact? I've got two minis, a hub, and a chromecast audio all probably 4-5 years old running 1.56.xxxx.

Anything google should be fine, my Vizio SP50-D5's, soundbar, and LG are running 1.21.75965, my JBL is 1.44.218548, and they're all less than 3 years old but my Vizio stuff is EOL

Yes, 4 Nest Mini 2nd gen and 2 Nest Hub 1st gen.

At least I get to keep that. Right now, my only annoyance is, that the group functionality is lost. I can group devices, but can't control them as a group anymore...

But I have to say, as much as I used to like Google, I'm getting more and more annoyed by their focus and their release policy. Especially the non-English speaking countries are getting pretty much ignored. Besides the known problems, that you still can't trigger routines with sensors, which is a feature they said they would implement since 2019, options like I don't need the Hotword for every damn request still doesn't work in my country. Making an announcement just to one speaker or room doesn't work. Heck, I can't even buy a Nest Hub Max! And I'm living in Germany, for Pete's sake!

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Just to get a little attention to the topic. Is this feature something, which could be implemented or would it be too much of a hassle? :smiley: @mike.maxwell @bravenel @bobbyD

So you want to mirror volume?, what about TTS and other commands...

More or less. What I want is to be able to control the volume of several speakers at once, for example with a virtual dial. In Google Home you had the possibility to control volume of speaker groups. Now that they've lost a lawsuit against Sonos, this options has been removed. So I tried to create a virtual device (in my case an RGB bulb, because GH doesn't recognize the Virtual audioVolume) and mirror its brightness percentage to my speakers, so that I got the possibility back to control the speaker group. This would also be a handy feature, because GH hasn't been able to group control other speakers then their own in the first place.

Would be cool but in the case of TTS, I've always been able to stream this onto several speakers at once, as far as I can tell.

I could almost see this being done through RM with a virtual button. Button 1=vol-up to speakers 1, 2, 3, 4. Button 4=Vol Down

Me too. But, right now, it can't, which is really a shame. What we basically need is the same controlling mechanisms, that we got for bulbs, but for speakers. And when we are already onto this, I would just copy the script for the bulbs and put it an every device, which can be regulated in percent steps, like a fan, water flow etc.

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I think it could be done in RM using variables with chrome cast set vol. just use the rule to set it for each speaker

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You're definitely right. With a little tinkering, I guess, this isn't out of reach. But, implementing this into the Mirror-App, which is just predestined for those applications, would really be a big win. :slight_smile:

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